September 25, 2017


How do I get access to the rehearsal room?

See the subscription section. In short, you first need to send us an email (, then you will have to register at Agepoly’s desk and finally attend a “training” meeting with a member of the committee.


What instruments to you have in the rehearsal room? Do I need to bring my own?

See the rehearsal room page. There is everything you probably need in there: keyboards, drums, guitars, bass, mics… You need to bring drum sticks and your own cables (but we also provide some). There’s probably a lot more than you need, but check it out!


What does the membership fee get me access to?

The “band” membership subscription fee gets you access to the rehearsal room for 3 hours a week, whereas the “solo member” gets you access to unlimited use of the rehearsal space provided that no band is using it at that time, without the possibility of booking the room.


Is there any other type of membership than “band” or “solo”?

Big Band and Soundpainting artists are also considered as Musical members but pay a different fee that is decided directly by the Big Band committee and the Soundpainting Collective organisators., and they don’t get access to the rehearsal room unless they also pay the “band” or “solo” membership fee. In that case, discounts can be offered to them. Go to the dedicated pages for more information.


Is the subscription fee a monthly, semestrial or annuarly fee?

The subscription fee grants access to the rehearsal room during the whole academic year, until September of the next academic year. There is not semestrial subscription as of today but in very special cases, we can offer some custom subscription rate. Please send us an email in that case.


Is it possible to get registered anytime during the year? What is the fee then?

Yes, it is. The fee remains the same but reductions can be applied for (very) late registrations. Note that the rehearsal room is usually fully occupied in terms of schedule around december. Therefore, we may refuse membership registrations once there are no rehearsal time slots left.


How can I meet other musicians to form a band?

You can use several methods: first, getting involved in one of our, asking for musicians. You can also contact the actual members of the musical by sending an email to or try posting a good old-fashionned written ad at approved locations around campus. Finally, the best option is to join the several jam sessions that we organise!


What is the committee? Should I join it?

The committee is the direction board of the Musical. Its role is to organise the events and other activities, maintain the rehearsal room in the best shape and do tons of cool stuff for the members! Joining the committee is a great way of meeting cool, motivated musicians, getting involved in all the projects we have, helping and supporting the good life of the Musical and give life to your own artistic projects! And committee members also have a nice discount on the membership fee 🙂


Are the EPFL Big Band and Soundpainting collective part of the Musical?

Yes, but they are functionning autonomously. Get in touch with them or check their dedicated pages to know more!


What if my question is not here or I just want to chat with you about my new composition with a good beer in the local?

Simply write us:!