Tremplin Nébuleuse

Since March 2018 the Musical has been offering tremplins for our Campus Live event! in a bar in Lausanne. They take place twice a year, as for Campus Live: once in the winter semester, and once in the spring semester.

Following a public vote, the two most popular groups of the evening will have the chance to play during Campus Live! at Bleu Lézard, two weeks later!


The rules of tremplin :

  • There is no pre-selection, all groups wanting to play can, all styles combined! (Within the limit of possible places)

  • The concerts take place from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the Nebula taproom.
  • Groups must prepare a set of 30min (maximum)!
  • We take care of setting up a stage with all the necessary equipment for the smooth running of the evening (after discussion of your needs). All you have to do is come with your instruments.
  • The order of passage is done by drawing lots.
  • A ballot box with the possibility for the public to vote for their favorite band will be made available, so bring all your friends!


The main purpose of this event, besides the selection at Campus Live, is to spend a pleasant evening around music and to give you the opportunity to show what you do to as many people as possible!


To register :


Just send an email when the date of the next tremplin is announced to specifying:
  • The name of your group
  • The style of music
  • The number of musicians
  • The instruments used
  • What hardware do you need
  • Any comments or questions…


We would like to emphasize that it is mandatory to participate in the tremplin in order to play at Campus Live! (Bleu Lézard)!
(Special mention to the guitarist who will make us vibrate with a bottle of beer as a bottleneck! Advance points may be awarded…)