Jam sessions

Jam sessions

Jam @ Satellite

Every first monday of the month is the “Jam @ Sat” organised by Satellite in cooperation with the Musical. Check out the facebook pages of the Musical and Sattelite for more informations. A band is playing for the opening of the jam session each time: don’t hesitate to get to put your band on stage for this occasion to  show off your skills to the amazing crowd at everyone’s favourite bar.! Simply mail us to play there.


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BananaJam (UniSon)

In order to promote music, we organize multiple jams every month in cooperation with UniSon at Unil. These jams allow the participants to practice their band playing skills and meet other musicians. They’re a great way to get involved with the EPFL’s and the UNIL’s music scene (and they allow you to relieve your stress in a fun and efficient way!)

The weekly jam with UniSon is located under UNIL’s library, in the music room downstairs at the entrance of the cinema section of the Unithèque building. This takes place every Wednesday from 18:15 to 22:00. During this event, you can take part in two separate jams: an amplified one, where it’s all about grooving; and an acoustic one, where you play and sing alongs to popular hits, and have a very fun time.


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