Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

- How do I register for the room?
We're not back to class yet, and you're trying to obtain a spot in the room to rehearse? The subscriptions will re-open in the second or third week of the semester, in order to clean out the room and make sure everything is ready. However it is VERY requested and thus we have limited places, I would therefore advise you to keep a careful eye on our instagram page @epfl_musical where we will announce the reopening of subscriptions.
IMPORTANT: for solo subscriptions, we try to prioritize for people who have no way of practicing at home due to noise issues of their instrument (for example Horns) and/or space availability (for Drummers). This is why we are currently not accepting any singers, pianists or guitarists for next semester, since we consider they can be practiced at home with headphones, and the giant demand we are currently faced with leads us to having to prioritize those who cannot otherwise play at all.
Sorry for the difficulty in accommodating everyone, Musical tries to do its best to provide as many places as possible but we are limited in space, availability and money for a campus as big as ours.

- Subscriptions are closed, how can I register anyways?
Well, you can't! Wait in line as many others have the same thoughts as you have. Subscriptions for the room are currently closed, so this means we have attained our maximum capacity of bands and soloists. The campus is expanding and so is the number of student, but to our greatest sadness the room isn't expanding and we can't perform miracles. We have received an enormous amount of subscription requests, and have been forced to do a selection based on the number of students per band, old and new members mixed, solo and groups… It has been very difficult for us to find a good mix, and even more difficult having to say no to more than half of the bands who asked for access to the room.
We hope you'll understand and wish you the best in your musical doings. However, our events are for the most part free and accessible to all: come and play at Sat in our jam sessions! Every bit of information will be published on instagram: @epfl_musical.
Sadly we cannot grant exceptions, as we are already at full capacity and we receive requests for exceptions every week, so it would not be fair to those who requested access before the deadline and even then could not register... We invite you to fill the form again, once we reopen subscriptions next semester or next year. We would take all subscriptions if it was possible, however we are limited by constraints beyond our control. We might be able to grant exceptionally the room before a concert if you discuss with us.

- Where can I find pianos on campus?
Musical owns 3 pianos on campus, recently tuned for y'all! You can find them aroud on campus: in the SV hall, in front of the Foodlab in CM, and on top of the BC building. There are others that are not under our jurisdiction.  We invite you to address the AUMC if you're looking for a repetition space, you can rent them on:

- How can I rent material?
We do lend gear to members of the EPFL community but only for specific events, and we don’t do long term loans. If you'd like to rent some material, please fill in the form available on

- I'm looking for people to play with me, where can I find them? How can I play on a stage?
You can join the telegram group Musical Community, where amateurs and musicians exchange propositions: events, album/song releases, band member proposition... The link is available here:
We also sometimes promote groups through our events, and it can be announced in this group, although our main communication channel is instagram (@epfl_musical).

- How can I participate in the association's activities?
We are very happy to hear you’d like to meet more musicians and music-enthusiastic people, you’ve come to the right place!
Musical organizes jam sessions (improvisation in group) every first Monday of every month at bar Satellite on campus, exceptions excluded. There you can find a lot of people who share your music interest. Our sister association "Unison", which represents music at UNIL, does Jam Sessions every Wednesday under the Banane building in their campus.
We also have a telegram group where everyone who wants to stay updated on the latest music events on Campus/in Lausanne can join freely, it’s called Musical Community. Some people also look for musicians and/or groups in here, sometimes to form new bands, to offer gigs or share their work; here is the link to join it:
Finally, I’d recommend you follow us on instagram @epfl_musical as we communicate on all of our events over there, and we have several more activities you can discover there which might interest you: concert nights, artists’ portraits, music recommendations, news on our other projects (the Studio, EPFL Big Band our jazz orchestra, and many more)… everyone finds their liking!

We are also looking for occasional help as staff or video editing. If you have any talent as a video maker, feel free to contact us and we can discuss projects!

I hope this will motivate you to come see us in our next events!

- What does it mean to be staff?
Our committee is currently full but we often need staff for specific events. You can thus be there on a voluntary and non engaging basis, to discover the backstage without pressure, through the staff group accessible here: