September 25, 2017


Want to become a member? (Full until September)

To become a member of the Musical and obtain a camipro access to the rehearsal room, please get in touch via email, including all band members in CC. Yyou will need to register to the secretariat of AGEPoly, and pay the following fees :


  • 350 CHF per bands
  • 150 CHF for solo musicians
  • 50 CHF additional for any member not registered to Agepoly (non-EPFL students, or PhD students)


  • Each band must elect a leader, who must be an EPFL student
  • The names and email addresses of all band members must be written on the registration sheet
  • If new members join the band, the registration sheet must be updated at the AGEPoly secretariat
  • Bands must have between 2 and 5 members
  • Solo members should not book the room more than 3 hours ahead of their desired time slot (in order to prioritize use of the space by bands)